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Chapter 2. A visit to SADiLaR

Una visita a SADiLaR

Published onNov 04, 2022
Chapter 2. A visit to SADiLaR


The South African Centre for Digital Language Resources (SADiLaR), funded by the South African Department of Science and Innovation, is a South African research infrastructure. The research infrastructure consists of a hub and nodes at different organizations (universities, an R&D organization, and an inter-institutional centre) throughout the country. SADiLaR runs two programmes: a digitization programme which deals with the creation and distribution of digital language resources (including written, spoken, and multimedia language collections as well as tools) for all of the eleven official South African languages, and a digital humanities programme which facilitates research capacity building in the field of digital humanities.

Even though many researchers in the field of humanities and social sciences are interested in digital humanities, many do not really know where to start. To try to resolve this, SADiLaR organizes a range of activities, which recently have been structured within a new programme called Escalator. One of these activities deals with showcasing research that illustrates the possibilities of digital humanities in an accessible manner. Here, we illustrate investigations into systems that may be used as showcases and at the same time can be used to visualize information that is contained in (specifically speech-based) digital language collections that also contain geographic information. SADiLaR considers the use of several tools, two of which are described in this chapter: Spraakatlas, and Glossopticon Virtual Reality (VR). Additionally, a third tool, Byderhand, which provides access to multimodal documents at specific locations in the physical world, is discussed as well. Currently, only exploratory investigations into these tools have taken place.

Keywords: Digital language resources, visualization, Spraakatlas, Glossopticon VR, Byderhand

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SADiLaR: What we do


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