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Chapter 8. Reflections on storytelling in Virtual Reality: the experience of virtual reality “Entre Luces y Sombras”

Reflexiones sobre la narración en la realidad Virtual: la experiencia de realidad virtual “Entre Luces y Sombras”

Published onNov 04, 2022
Chapter 8. Reflections on storytelling in Virtual Reality: the experience of virtual reality “Entre Luces y Sombras”


This article collects some findings from designing and realizing the virtual reality series “Entre Luces y Sombras”. The approach emphasizes the implementation of narrative and interactive resources, making it easier for the user to navigate within the virtual space. For this purpose, the text documents the difficulties and successes of the prototyping process of chapter 1 and, from the learning derived, the design and realization of chapter 3. The exercise allowed us to understand that in addition to the generation of effects such as immersion and presence, characteristic of VR, it is necessary to operationalize interactivity as its third foundation. This was achieved by establishing an action guide for the user, ranking the information and stimuli he had to follow to unfold the story. In this way, an effective balance between the sensory and the cognitive was achieved in the VR experience.
Keywords: virtual reality, audiovisual narrative, experience design

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Reflections on narration in Virtual Reality: the experience of Entre Luces y Sombras RV


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