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Series Editors Preface

Published onMay 09, 2022
Series Editors Preface

This book is the second volume in the European Values book Series, published at Open Press TiU, Tilburg University, right after the first volume, a new edition of the Atlas of European Values: Change and Continuity in Turbulent Times by Loek Halman, Tim Reeskens, Inge Sieben, and Marga van Zundert. Both volumes are special projects. Based on academic insights into the study of European values and based on data from the European Values Study project, they hope to reach a wide audience, beyond academia. The Atlas of European Values does so by offering the readership visually attractive maps, graphs, and charts, accompanied by short texts on social science theories and interviews with values scholars to explain the findings. The second volume is a Liber Amicorum to honour the work of Loek Halman, and his immense contribution to the European Values Study, a largescale, cross-national, and longitudinal research project on values in Europe.

Both volumes thus fit the main purpose of the European Values Series to publish scholarly work on European values. The Series is a leading platform for the comparative study of values, norms, beliefs, attitudes, and opinions. It primarily publishes values research that seeks to uncover patterns and trends in important life domains, such as politics, religion and morale, family and gender, migration, work, welfare etc., and that adopts a comparative perspective on values such as cross-national comparisons, a longitudinal perspective, comparisons across social groups. The Series is grounded in work from the social sciences, although contributions from other disciplines such as philosophy and history are welcome as well. In this way, the Series hopes to contribute to the academic and public debate on European values. To facilitate this, the European Values Series is published open access at Open Press TiU, Tilburg University.

This second volume Reflections on European Values. Honouring Loek Halman’s Contribution to the European Values Study was edited by Ruud Luijkx, Tim Reeskens, and Inge Sieben, with a preface by prof. dr. Wim van de Donk, Rector Magnificus and President of the Tilburg University Executive Board. The book contains more than thirty contributions on the study of European values and deals with theoretical and methodological reflections on the European Values Study, the sociology of religion, comparative studies into European values, research on values in the Netherlands, and provides values insights from national case studies. All these topics reflect Loek Halman’s research interests and paint a detailed values landscape of Europe. We hope that this volume, and the books to follow, will inspire many scholars studying European values. 

Inge Sieben and Vera Lomazzi

Editors European Values Series

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